We recycle various types of electronic scrap, adhering to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) guidelines for different grades to ensure that we are dealing with electronics scrap responsibly and efficiently. In this page, we provide a detailed list of the different categories of electronic scrap that we buy.

Categories of Electronics Scrap We Buy:

  1. Consumer electronic equipment:
    • Radio sets
    • Television sets
    • Video cameras
    • Video recorders
    • Eli-h recorders
    • Audio amplifiers
    • Musical instruments and other products or equipment for the purpose of recording or reproducing sound or images, including signals or other technologies for the distribution of sound and image by telecommunications
  2. Toys, leisure, and sports electronic equipment:
    • Electric trains or car racing sets
    • Hand-held video game consoles
    • Video games
    • Computers for biking, diving, running, rowing, etc.
    • Sports equipment with electric or electronic components
    • Coin slot machines
  3. Medical devices (except all implanted and infected products and radioactive components):
    • Radiotherapy equipment (non-radioactive)
    • Cardiology
    • Dialysis
    • Pulmonary ventilators
    • Nuclear medicine (non-radioactive)
    • Laboratory equipment or in-vitro diagnostics
    • Analyzers
    • Freezers (call ahead contains Freon)
    • Other appliances for detecting, preventing, monitoring, treating, or alleviating illness, injury, or disability
  4. Monitoring and control instruments:
    • Measuring, weighing, or adjusting appliances for household or as laboratory equipment (non-radio active)
    • Other monitoring and control instruments used in industrial installations (e.g. Ira control panels)
  5. IT and telecommunications electronic equipment:
    • Centralized data processing: Mainframes, minicomputers, printer units
    • Personal computing: Personal computers (CPU, mouse, screen, and keyboard included), laptop computers (CPU, mouse, screen, and keyboard included), notebook computers, notepad computers, printers, copying equipment, electrical and electronic typewriters, pocket and desk calculators, other products and equipment for the collection, storage, processing, presentation, or communication of information by electronic means
    • User terminals and systems: Facsimile, telex, telephones, pay telephones, cordless telephones, cellular telephones, answering systems, other products or equipment for transmitting sound, images, or other information by telecommunications

Electronic Scrap Metals (EM):

We buy various electronic scrap metals, including Eddy-Current (EC) Aluminum, Eddy-Current (EC) Scrap, Circuitboards and Shredded Circuitboards, Light Iron, and Iron Frag. These metals are subject to final terms and conditions agreed upon between the buyer and seller.