At Electronics Value Recovery, we specialize in providing comprehensive data center decommissioning services, ensuring the secure disposal of your IT equipment while maximizing value recovery. Our services include on-site hard drive shredding, IT asset disposition (ITAD), and professional packaging of materials. Trust us to handle your data center decommissioning needs with a focus on security, compliance, and environmental responsibility.

With extensive experience in handling a wide range of data center decommissioning projects, Electronics Value Recovery is the go-to choice for organizations of all sizes. Our skilled team is adept at managing everything from the decommissioning of a single server rack to the complete deconstruction of a 25,000 sqft server hall with tens of thousands of assets. Our meticulous approach ensures that every aspect of the decommissioning process is handled with the utmost care, and our commitment to security, compliance, and environmentally responsible practices guarantees a seamless and worry-free experience for our clients. Past projects have included:

On-Site Hard Drive Shredding: Our custom-designed shredding truck allows us to securely shred hard drives on-site, either in your parking lot or at your loading dock. We serialize each hard drive before shredding to ensure proper tracking and promptly issue a certificate of destruction, giving you peace of mind that your sensitive data is securely destroyed.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and Value Recovery: Our ITAD and value recovery services are designed to help you maximize the value of your decommissioned IT equipment. We assess the condition and potential value of your assets, and depending on their viability, we may refurbish, repurpose, or recycle them in an environmentally responsible manner. Our ITAD services also ensure compliance with relevant data protection and environmental regulations.

Packaging and Transportation: Electronics Value Recovery is committed to making the data center decommissioning process as seamless as possible. Our experienced team will carefully package your IT equipment, adhering to industry best practices and ensuring the safe transport of your assets to our processing facility.

Environmental Responsibility: As a responsible electronics recycling company, we prioritize environmental sustainability in all our processes. Our data center decommissioning services adhere to a zero-landfill policy and comply with all relevant environmental regulations. We are committed to reducing e-waste and promoting responsible recycling practices.

At Electronics Value Recovery, we provide reliable and secure data center decommissioning services, focusing on on-site hard drive shredding, ITAD, and value recovery. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your organization manage its IT assets responsibly.