Welcome to our Electronics Scrap Purchasing page! We specialize in purchasing electronics scrap from qualified business customers only. We do not buy from the public. Below, you can find the different grades of scrap we accept. For pricing inquiries, please contact us directly. An example of materials we have historically purchased include:


  1. High Grade non-SATA Hard Drive Board
  2. Large Multi Socket Server Motherboard
  3. Small Multi Socket Server Motherboard
  4. Gold Cap & Gold Edge & CNC boards
  5. Low Grade SATA Hard Drive Board
  6. Large Socket Motherboard
  7. High Grade Telecom
  8. Small Socket P4 GREEN Motherboard
  9. Metal Multi Socket Server Motherboard
  10. Backplane Expansion Boards
  11. Peripheral High Grade


  1. Gold Fingered RAM
  2. Silver Tin Fingered RAM
  3. Gold Fingered Shielded RAM
  4. Trimmed RAM
  5. Mixed RAM
  6. Blank RAM


  1. Gold Cap Gold Leg 8086 IC
  2. 386/486 Gold Cap
  3. Motorola Gold Top or Bottom
  4. Pentium Pro Gold Cap
  5. Double Side Gold CPU
  6. LSI, NEC, Foreign Gold Cap
  7. Cyrix/IBM/VIA Gold Capped
  8. Black Fiber
  9. AMD Ceramic No Metal
  10. Pentium/Mac Ceramic
  11. AMD Ceramic Aluminum Top K6
  12. DLP Ceramic
  13. Green/Brown Fiber No Metal
  14. Slot Processor
  15. Flat Pack Gold Tab
  16. P4/Green Fiber With Metal
  17. Trimmed Slot Processor
  18. IC Chips – No Dallas Switches
  19. DLP Metal Fiber
  20. No Pin CPU
  21. Sun CPU
  22. Apple CPU
  23. Flat Pack No Gold Tab


  1. Older Cell Phone with Keypad (No Battery, No Back)
  2. Wireless Handheld Keyboard Laser Scanner (No Battery)
  3. Modern Smart Phone (No Battery, No Cover)
  4. Any Cell Phone With Battery
  5. Tablets
  6. IPod/MP3 Players


  1. Taped Lead Acid Battery
  2. Li-Ion Laptop Battery (Taped, No Swelling)
  3. Li-Ion Cell Battery (Taped, No Swelling)
  4. Li-Ion Laptop Battery (No Tape, No Swelling)
  5. Li-Ion Cell Battery (No Tape, No Swelling)


  1. Whole Laptops (Non-Working, Good Screen)
  2. Partial Laptops (Good Screen)
  3. Laptop with Broken Screen
  4. Whole Server With Hard Drive
  5. Whole Server No Hard Drive
  6. Whole Tower With Hard Drive
  7. Whole Tower No Hard Drive
  8. Server Partial
  9. Small Take Apart
  10. Docking Stations


  1. Tantalum Yellow and Black SMD
  2. Gold Plated Pins
  3. Hard Drive With Board
  4. Mixed Wire
  5. Hard Drive (Punched or Bent With Board)
  6. Power Adapters With Wire
  7. Power Supply With Wire
  8. Hard Drive No Board
  9. Hard Drive (Punched or Bent No Board)
  10. CD/Floppy Disk Drives
  11. Hard Drive

Please note that the specific electronic devices, display, processors, assembly, battery, nonferrous, and other categories have been omitted from this list. For more information on those categories, please contact us directly.