RemanDay: Remanufacturers Are Key to the Circular Economy

RemanDay is April 13th, 2023

Critical Links in the Circular Economy

While most people probably don’t think of “recycling” as remanufacturing, it is a first link in the supply chain of the circular economy.  Whether you’re recycling at home or at the office, you’ve only collected potentially recyclable materials and diverted them from the waste stream.  Recycling businesses take those materials and prepare them to meet the specifications of the end-user. Recyclables that meet industry specifications can substitute for virgin raw materials.  Therefore, recycling only happens when a product that someone wants to buy is made from the items you’ve collected.  In fact, the benefits attributed to recycling are the benefits of remanufacturing. 

Common Definition of Remanufacturing

“Remanufacturing is a standardized industrial process by which previously sold, worn, or non-functional products are returned to same-as-new, or better, condition and performance. The process is in line with specific technical specifications, including engineering, quality, and testing standards. The process yields fully warranted products.

Sustainable manufacturing takes place in a factory setting. It’s manufacturing that is sustainable by definition and responsible by design.  Think of it as an advanced form of recycling that focuses not on raw materials, but on the original finished product itself.  In the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors, the accepted sustainable manufacturing term is remanufacturing.  In aviation and aerospace, the process is called MRO – maintenance, repair and overhaul – and for consumer goods and electronics, refurbishing is the established reference.”

A Fourth Arrow?

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Our economy relies on technology which in turn relies on finite resources. We can recover those resources from damaged and obsolete technology for use in both new and refurbished devices. As we move from a linear economy to a more sustainable, circular economy, recycling and refurbishing become increasingly important.

Celebrate Reman2023 April 13th!  Get Ready for Earth Day April 22nd!